Although Jesus Christ did not write any Books of the Bible. Jesus confirmed the inspiration of the Old Testament, but He promised the inspiration of the New Testament.  Jesus promised on several occasions that the Holy Spirit would direct His disciples in proclaiming Gods truth. When the twelve disciples were commissioned to Preach, Jesus promised them that it would be the Holy Spirit of your Lord and Savior speaking through you. Since the twenty-seven books of the New Testament are the only Authentic literature we have from the New Testament Apostles, we can conclude that the promise to give us all the truth by the Holy Spirit through the Apostles has been fulfilled in the writings of the New Testament.              

            The Eleven Books that were excluded from the Bible, by the Protestants, that were to be included in the Bible. The Books under dispute which are called the Apocrypha, Tobit, Judith, the additions to Esther, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, the letter of Jeremiah, the Prayer of Azariah, Susanna, Bel and the Dragon, and 1 and 11 Maccabees. These Books were written between 200 B.C. and the time of Christ, however neither the Jews, Jesus nor the early Christian Church considered them to be part of the inspired Old Testament. Canonization is the name of the issue, deciding which books belong in the Old Testament, the word Canon means rule or norm.

In John 1:14 God manifested Himself through Laws in the Old Testament, but in the Life of His Son in the New Testament. The Old Testament revelation was one of symbols, but in the New Testament God spoke directly through His Son. The first Five Books of the Bible lay the foundation for the coming of the Christ, who is the theme of the Bible. Three purposes are distinguishable in each of the Old Testament Books: the Historical, the doctrinal and the Christological. Respectively these purposes include what the Book aimed to accomplish in the lives of the original audience, for whom it was written, main teachings the Book has for the lives of all believers, and what the Book tells us about Christ the coming Messiah.      

The origin of the Nations begins with the Creation of Heaven and Earth and especially of Man. But Man failed God’s test and sinned, bringing death and Judgment on himself. Following in his Fathers Adam’s steps, Cain started an evil Civilization, which ultimately brought wickedness and violence which filled the Earth and precipitated the Flood. Meanwhile God was fulfilling His promise to bring a Savior, by developing a Godly line of people through Seth, from whom came Noah and his blessed son Shem. After the Flood descendants of Noah through Ham developed a kingdom centered around the tower of Babel, which God had to Judge scattering them abroad. Thus the History of the Nations ends in their abortive attempt to unify without God and to forge a world kingdom motivated by their own vanity.

Abraham, David and Solomon were God’s chosen leaders, through this we can see that God can and will very often use Men or Women who have in their lives been sinful, but would turn from their sins, and generally try being Godly in all of their ways. The fame of Solomon reached great heights, but was in the end outweighed by his shame. Solomon’s sinfulness caused many around him to begin thinking the same sins were OK. I am baffled also by God letting Solomon have so many wives, while still blessing him. Wow it said like divorce, polygamy was merely allowed for your hardness of heart. Polygamy was merely permitted or tolerated as an accommodation to the realistic circumstances of human sin.

Many people all over the World are Homeless for whatever reason, most is because they drank Alcohol or abused Drugs. Whatever the reason our Church and many other Churches do different types of outreach, usually giving something away to draw them to us. Then we would ask them if they need Prayer, and if they have ever known Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Because our Church is pretty small we can usually only do outreach once per month. Other times through donations and some of our Motorcycle Ministry coming to our Church parking lot to do outreach where it is really needed. If you have enjoyed our posts and would like to give an offering click on our PayPal link here or at the top of our blog. Thank you for your comments and generosity, God bless us all.

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