This is so beautiful! Because when I  fall and make a mistake I usually fall into condemnation, this reminds me to run to Jesus and let him turn my mistake into a masterpiece and something beautiful. We learn from our mistakes, this is all apart of the molding and shaping process we must go through in order to become that precious Jewell and reach our destination.Watch “Jesus Calling by Sarah Young “Trust in Me” Video Devotional” on YouTube

Usually some time or another in our lives, most of us seem to end up having real bad things affect us, but usually our family or friends are able to help us so we don’t end up homeless. A few years back in 2007 and 2008 I lived in my Motor home, which was parked on a friends property. I was still waiting to be approved for disability and in Arizona a married couple only received $237.00 total cash, so that was not even enough to put my RV in a space. We did receive over $500.00 on a food stamp card. So because I got hurt falling about nineteen foot headfirst, in Jan. 1989 that many years later I was still being affected by it.

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