Isaiah 64:8 tells us that God our Father, is the potter, and we are the clay, the work of his hands, the masterpiece we will become when his work is finished. Our lives are molded and shaped by our Lord God, many times we misunderstand things that we are experiencing in life, to mean that God is doing this or that because of something we might have done. But God does not do evil, He lets Satan do things in our lives to prepare us to experience other things, or so we can be live Testimonies for other people God will lead into our lives. God wants everyone to come to be Christians or Children of God. We do outreach from our Church parking lot and other times we go over to Central and San Mateo to meet all of those using Buses.

We love and enjoy helping people become saved, so when we our doing Outreach we will usually be giving out Water or Donuts or BBQing, to draw people to us. Because we have a small Church we ask everyone to give us an offering using PayPal you can use your Credit card on their site or just use your Bank card on PayPal here. God bless you all. Amen.

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