Always greet the day with a greatful Heart Picture Such an awesome picture, seeing that picture made me think of portions of our lives. Each section of our life, could be just like that heart, pieced together, by how our Parents raised us. How our lives matter to God, all of the little obstacles, God has helped us get through. I feel so blessed being alive today, so many of the obstacles God has brought me through, if not for God being the main part, of my life, through Jesus Christ, I don’t believe I would be alive. When I was about 16 months old, I was so ill with 2 ½ to 3 of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea so bad I was completely dehydrated.

         My Mom when being seen by the third Doctor, who sadly stated Lady I ought to slap you, my little 5 foot, short and only 100 pounds or less, Mom boldly told that Doctor, I don’t think you want to try. Sir I have already had my Son Daniel to see two other Doctors, so now will you do your job without judging me. So the Doctor did some blood tests, yearn tests, while waiting for the test results, the ER Doctor got another Doctor for a second opinion. While they were working on me my condition got worse, so they sent my Mother to the waiting area. By then my Dad got to the Hospital. The Doctors put an IV of just fluids to help Hydrate my Body, and they added a BP cup, and all the wires hooked up monitoring my Heart beat.

          After about an hour of my Parents going crazy with wonder, the two Doctors came to the waiting room and told my Parents, were sorry Daniel didn’t make it we did all we could. My Mother went storming through the Hospital back to the room I was in, she grabbed my Body and shaking me while screaming Daniel you can’t do this to me. Praise God, the Doctors had followed her back to my room, because God was not done with me yet, the heart monitor began registering me renewed Heartbeat, the Doctors started working on me. My Parents were such loving, caring compassionate couple, very involved in the Job of raising three kids. God still has a purpose He wants to accomplish in and through my life. Lord God I proudly let go of my will for my life and let God, through Jesus Christ, lead me.

           I know it is so hard because of our freewill God gives each of us, to not be in control. But I also know from experience that letting Jesus Christ direct my paths there will be success every time. Right now thinking of how hard my Dad worked to support his family, he had to quit School at the age of 13. My Dad,  J McKim’s Father was killed in a Traffic Accident, and he was the oldest of three boys, so he went to work full time. J Garold Mckim would not let anything stop him, would persevere through any and all obstacles. We loved Hunting, my Dad taught my Brother Josh and I how to shoot many types of Guns, from 7mm, 306, Colt 45, to Shotguns. Then we took the Hunter Safety Course at the age my Brother 5 and Me Daniel 6, we passed the Course with 98%, then the hard part for Josh was learning how to sign his Name.  Because to activate you’re Hunting License we had to be able to sign our Name.

When Hunting sometimes my Brother and I would see our Father hunkered down on the side of a pretty steep Lava Rock Mountain, holding his Arm to his Chest in extreme pain, he was having a Heart attack. What made it so scary was no one was with us, we were helpless. A few other times when it happened my Uncles were with us, and they knew it was him having a Heart attack so they would take our Father and us to the Hospital. The one time I can remember this happening was in 1965, they admitted my Dad to the Hospital, the ER personnel could not believe J Mckim made it to the Hospital. The Doctors told him he had lost the use of 20% of his Heart, oh well we loved Hunting Chucker. We would buy Black labs and English pointers for $100.00 to $150.00 puppies, and start training them no matter what Breed, training them to fetch and trained how to go on point, with the Game Bird Wing right in front of their nose. My Dad passed away in 1992, 27 years later, at age 66, He only had 15% of His Heart functioning . J G. Mckim enjoyed life with his family. I Daniel Jay Mckim fell 19 foot head first off of Scaffolding, got up took a lunch break a few Aspirin and I went back to Work. But I had hurt my Body, Neck and Low back pretty bad. By the Grace of God I am still walking.

I am disabled so have limited income, our Church is small but very active in our community doing Outreach at least once a month, if you feel led please take a few minutes to give an offering by just clicking here. 

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