Awesome picture of a Cross, reflection image of Jesus and a Man hungered down PrayingJesus being likened unto a lamb:  Both the Passover feast and the Lord’s super have many things in common. They had the same meaning: (A memorial: Passover was to remember Egypt, while the Lord’s Supper, to remember Christ’s death Ex 12:26/1 Cor 11:25) Each feast used a young, innocent and perfect lamb.

As Christians, we are Christ’s representatives in a world filled with dishonesty, despair and selfishness.  We are called to be a light in darkness. How is this possible when we have a sin-nature and are fully capable of all the selfish deeds taking place in the world around us?
We charge ourselves with the Word of God and reflect Christ’s characteristics.  When we are under Christ’s light, if we have the opportunity for revenge – we will choose to forgive; when we could cheat – we will deal honestly; when we could be selfish – we will be happy to serve; and when we are stressed – we will learn to relax and trust in God.  When Christians energize themselves with God’s promises and mandates they are a graceful light in a dark world. But we must remember: if we don’t constantly expose ourselves to God’s Word our Christ-like light will soon cease and we will become just as dark as the world around us.  Then, we have failed to be a graceful Christian that glows in the dark.

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