God’s beautiful Lakes, or Streams, or flowers, or even some really pretty weeds blooms. It is so amazing, not that the plants blooms, get to keep the same plant alive forever, but that after the bloom beauty is gone. Somewhere underneath amazingly is seeds, that can be scattered by the wind to land many places, during the winter all of many types of plants seeds, dry out. Different types of Trees, Tomato plants, Pumpkins, all have seeds, throughout the Winter, will dry out.  These seeds if not eaten by all types of Animals, will grow into New Plants or Trees, beginning New Lives.

one of our PumpkinsWe live in a Mobile home park, this year we were able to plant a Garden because the Owner Jay built us a planter of about 10′ x 10′ so I decided I would share some of the pictures of what we are growing. Here is some of our Zucchini Squash from our Garden.three of our zukinni squash

So many of us that have become Christians, don’t know how to continue helping the family of God grow by sharing how we became Christians. Kathy and I enjoy sharing our Savior and Brother Jesus Christ, and God our Heavenly Father with as many people per day as our blog posts will be shared too. I Daniel Mckim became a Christian a little over Forty years ago, by agreeing to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. What I did to become a Christian was believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, believe that Jesus Christ died in our place when He was crucified on the cross, believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead after three days. Then I invited Jesus Christ into my Heart as my Lord and Savior.

On July 3 2016 I Daniel J Mckim was ordained as a Pastor. The Church Kathy and I go too is World Transformation Ministries, which is located at 8016 Zuni Street S.E. Suite E Albuquerque NM 87108. TUM I which is The Urban Ministries International is where I went to classes once a week Tuesday evenings to become a Pastor, Michael Ranck our Pastor and Teacher has accomplished the task of getting his Doctorate in Theology. Many of us enjoy doing outreach directly from our Parking lot, by having a BBQ. Sometimes different Motorcycle Ministry groups of Bikers and their wives will come over to our Church to do outreach because so many Homeless families and Homeless,  Men and Women live in that area. A few different times we have also had Neighbors who live in that area, just come by and tell our Pastor they want to give us the things we need to do outreach. A few other times people will just share their Tithes or offerings with our Church. Praise God if you feel like giving to us an offering just click our PayPal link. Thank you God bless us all. Amen.

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