For Me Daniel Mckim to be here now sharing this blog Post is all God. Back on January 10 1989 I fell 19 foot head first and landed on my Head on the Mojave desert Ground which is just as hard as Concrete, I did not know I was hurt very bad so got up took a Lunch break a couple Aspirins and went back to work. From that fall I did mess up my Neck and Back.

For the next 25 years and counting I have taken a lot of Pain Pills, Muscle relaxers and gained over 130 pounds, which just put a lot more pressure on my bad back problem. Praise God even now still walking, myself and many Doctors can’t believe it I believe because I have an awesome loving caring God. I also got into smoking Marijuana quite a lot for Pain relief. Almost all of 2005 I even smoked Marijuana with my Mom, who was suffering with Brain Tumor and Lung Cancer, her Doctor had prescribed Marijuana for her pain. I am sure with all the pain I have been at times with pain in 8-10 spots at once, if I was not a Child of God, I probably would have committed suicide.God is love and His word the Bible states without love we are nothing. 

11-California-Quail-covey-IMG_83675I know so many neighbors, friends from all 50 United States of America, that I met by calling them with the great News, I have a completely all Natural Product that can help alleviate your Migraines, your Neck or Back Pain. Everyone in the USA who would like to see if I can help, please email me or comment. When I was 6 years old, I got shot by a 16 gauge Shotgun, my Brother got Me and the Quail. So I now have around 200 to 250 BB’s in me, out of 300, they do not hurt. I would love to be able to help any of you that are experiencing Extreme PAIN. Take action contact me.

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