Enjoy Success every time when God is for you, no one and nothing can stop you. Life turns all of our lives upside down, and inside out. No one escapes unscathed, not the woman who discovers her husband is having an affair, not the teenager who discovers that a night of romance has resulted in a surprise pregnancy. Not the Pastor who feels his faith becoming Tested, when many of his Congregation are shaken by questions of suffering, fear and doubt. We would be foolish to think that evil wins the day, when The Bible we believe in tells us many times peoples faith. God turned Satan’s evil into righteous accomplishments.

Some of us hear from our family and friends about all this New Book of quick fixes for this challenge, and that challenge. How to Overcome Obstacles in Five Easy Steps. I know most of us who have spent a lot of money buying these Books, then have spent a lot of time Reading all these Books, only to become more frustrated when none of the solutions work. So not only do we have a lot of worthless Books, but we still have all of the different problems and challenges.

I don’t have any easy solutions or a magic potions, but I have found something much better to use for every problem or challenge our loving Heavenly Father, God himself. When God gets in the middle of life, evil becomes good. We see in the story of Joseph? Saddled with setbacks: family rejection, deportation, slavery, and imprisonment. Yet Joseph emerged a triumphant hero of his generation. Among his final recorded words are these comments to his brothers. Joseph told his brothers, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. said where you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, Genesis 50:20.

This pattern is repeated in many Scriptures, Satan Evil, God. Good. The cross on the hill we see the soldiers pound the nails, into Jesus hands and feet. Satan whispers. this time I will win. For a silent Saturday it appeared he had won. Jesus final breath. His battered body. Mary wept. lots of Jesus Blood seeped down the timber into the dirt. Jesus followers were aloud to lower God’s Son as the sun set, they took the body of Jesus, folding linen about it with the spices, as is the way of the Jews when they put the dead to rest. Soldiers sealed the tomb, and night fell over the earth.

What Satan intended as the ultimate evil, Clouds Gods hands reaching through Jesus Christ on the Cross pictureGod used for the ultimate good of those who love the Lord. Lord Jesus resurrected from the dead. Satan only has the power you give him, when sinful evil thoughts come into your mind, refuse and rebuke them, command Satan to flee from you in Jesus Christ name and Satan must go. Instead of pondering the evil until you go do the sin, command the thoughts to flee. When your a New Born Christian make New Friends, go to Church on Sundays fully awake, taking notes, completely following along, looking up all the scriptures. Find a good Bible study to go learn from other Christians, make friends with same sex people to replace your old friends. Because your old friends will always be doing sinful things you will usually end up doing as a habit. Be sure to get a Bible from your Church, get to know the Pastor, ask questions, get into the habit of Bible studying daily by yourself also.

We will be successful in life every time when we include God in work, play or time with Christian friends. I am Pastor Daniel, my fiancee Kathy has been leading a Woman’s Bible study a little over 6 years. We believe sharing God with everyone when seeing people who are hurting, women Kathy will go talk with them and Pray with them, with men I will talk with them and Pray with them only if they want Prayer or to talk about what is bothering them. A lot of other outreach we like doing is Barb-ques, for this we ask those following our page to make all donations using PayPal. Please like, comment and share our blog with family and friends. All of our Blog Posts go to our Facebook page same as our Blog name without the .com, to make it easy to share. God bless all of our followers and their families.

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