So many times in our daily lives while growing up, we try different things, different Sports. When I was six, and my younger, brother Josh who was five we started playing Soccer, we got so lucky our first year we both got on the same team. Our first-year we had a great married couple who coached us, with lots of good practices we ended the year 13-2. Our first year in the Playoffs, we beat our first two opponents by one Goal, then we lost to the State Champions by one Goal. Our 2nd year we decided to practice a lot more, which helped us go 16-0 in the regular Season and 3-0 in the Playoffs, becoming State Champions of California. I am so glad I learned early in life, to become successful playing or working takes a lot of work, we can either give it our best or just average effort.

We can add ourselves to the list of many people from all over the World, who continue trying, Sports, Exercising, and many different Jobs, or even at a very young age, Alcohol or Drugs, looking to fill a void in our lives. I know from a pretty young age I would see other Students about my age or a little older acting sneaky, going around the corner of a Building, out of the Playground, curiously I followed them, to find them Drinking Alcohol, or Smoking Weed, or Cigarettes. Because they seemed to be enjoying it I would ask to join them, Drinking or smoking, most of the time not because I liked it, but to fit in I would continue doing a lot of things that I knew were wrong. Sometimes even after getting into trouble after getting caught in the act of Drinking, Smoking Weed or watching Porn, we continue doing whatever it is, for the type of High, type of good feeling we get, and in most everything, because we have become addicted.

I am not sure if all of us begin trying to fill this void we feel, at the same age or not. I do know I kept trying a lot of things growing up. I know getting involved in all of these different Sports, different Job’s and Hobbies, were enjoyable but, none of them could fill a nagging void in our lives. I remember when I was five almost six, hearing my Aunt Beth telling my Mom and Dad that we should go with her and DB to Church. I know a few years later, our family, my Mom my Dad, my sister, my Brother and I did go with Aunt Beth and Uncle DB to Church. But it was not until 12 years later that my girlfriend Debbie and I became saved at a Revival, June 9 1976. Even now forty-one years later I rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy. Amen, Praise God. If you have any questions about our Blog posts, please ask Daniel or Kathy, in the comments. God bless us all. We would feel Honored if you liked our Post so much you shared it on Facebook, on YouTube, or other Social media sites.

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